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The Converging Industries Research Foundation is a non-profit research institution.  We provide a neutral forum for research on the convergence of the communications and information industries.  CIRF works to bring private market enterprises to the forefront, to stimulate investment, to bring new technologies and services to businesses and customers with the least regulations, and to make regulatory change consistent with emergency preparedness.


The Foundation provides workable options for public policy and law.  Our research provides accurate data, multiple options, clear analysis, and practical solutions.  CIRF provides up-to-the-minute analysis of the rapidly changing marketplace and the rules and regulations which effect investment and growth. More than forty white papers on technical and market-sensitive issues have been produced.


CIRF provides practical solutions for communications and information policy.  We work with the leadership of government and industry.  Direct contact through personal interaction and public forums produces tangible results.

Our unique hands-on approach produces real-time results. 


The work of the Foundation is a continuation and expansion of work that the founder, Carol Weinhaus, has produced over the past decade under the aegis of various universities.



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