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The Electronic Apple Pie: Deploying Advanced Telecommunications Capabilities to All Americans


July 1998




Industry Convergence, Interconnection, Services, Technology, Telecommunications, Computer, Internet, Cable TV, Wireless, Satellite


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Part of a series on advanced technology deployment, The Electronic Apple Pie provides policy makers with a primer on technologies for traditional telephone networks (circuit-switched technology) and data networks (packet-switched technology).  Simple diagrams show the convergence of the telecommunications, cable TV, computer, Internet, wireless, and satellite industries.  Simple descriptions explain how voice, data, and video networks are continue to converge.


The Electronic Apple Pie lays the groundwork for communications policies that are technology-neutral. Industry convergence requires examination of network congestion, design, reliability, and bandwidth.  This paper identifies policy questions that need to be answered in order to encourage deployment of "advanced telecommunications capabilities," as required by Section 706 of the Telecommunications Act of 1996 and to increase bandwidth.





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