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Revving Up the Communications Economic Engine: Household Services, Monthly Bills, and Barriers to Competition


July 1997, Updated Tables July 1999




Competition, Industry Convergence, Markets, Prices, Services


Full Paper          Sources & Calculations          1999 Update  



Part of a series on industry convergence, Revving Up the Communications Economic Engine, lays the groundwork for the removal of barriers to competition among industries in two communications policy areas: (1) packaging and pricing of services; and (2) subsidies based on type of service or income.


Economic Engine, provides prices for average monthly households bills for broadcast and cable TV, local and long distance telephone, wireless, and Internet services in a few simple charts.  Regulations and laws traditionally keep communications services separate.  Most households pay for more than one type of communication service.


Combined, these services provide more money for building and/or updating individual customer connections to the networks.  This includes increased bandwidth and the capability to provide advanced services.  The full paper (1997) provides a description of the policy changes and data.  Sources and Calculations, provides detail on the data used in the charts.  An additional paper updates the charts (1999).





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