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Officers and Staff

  Carol Weinhaus, CIRF President

Ms. Weinhaus is a nationally recognized expert on the interplay of government policy, technology deployment, and market economics for the communications and information networks and services industries.  She has over twenty-five years as an author and advisor to both government and corporate leaders.


In 1993, Ms. Weinhaus founded and directed the Telecommunications Industries Analysis Project.  CIRF is a continuation and expansion of that effort.  Through CIRF, she continues to provide a unique forum where government, business, and academics work together to provide reliable data, clear analysis of major issues, and workable solutions.  This forum facilitates dialogues on key issues, produces leading edge research, and provides widely used tools for policy and decision-makers in government (including Congress and federal and state regulators) and in the communications and information industries.


Ms. Weinhaus received degrees from Brown University and from Harvard University.  She has also been a faculty member at the University of Florida, an associate director at the University of Southern California, and a research analyst at Harvard University.  She has authored Behind the Telephone Debates as well as over forty reports that cover both short-term and long-term technology and policy issues.  Work in progress includes a book on industry convergence.

  Board of Directors

Henry Geller, Director of Board

Sandra Adams, Treasurer

Philip Rubin, Chief Scientist, Philip A. Rubin Associates

John Semper, President, Semper Productions








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