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A Guide to Evolving Wireless Services


December 1998




Interconnection, Markets, Prices, Services, Technology, Universal Service, Wireless


Full Paper          Executive Summary



The third in a series of papers on wireless services and technologies, Evolving Wireless Services, provides a guide to the rapidly expanding wireless services-broadcast, ground-based wireless, and satellite-and the technologies that underlie these services.


Both a reference tool and a training manual, this paper explains over forty-five commercial wireless services:  what they are, how they are similar, and how they are different.  Simple figures show the location of these services in the radio spectrum and how the service operates. 


Brief descriptions of ongoing wireless issues provide a basic framework.  These issues include spectrum allocation, E911, wiretap law, number portability, area codes, calling party pays, licensing (auctions, partitioning, disaggregation, and aggregation), universal service, interconnection, standards, and pricing. An appendix provides basic technology and service definitions.





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